French Omelettes

A friend asked why, on the TV show The Bear (a dramedy about the restaurant world) would you crack the eggs for an omelette into a fine mesh sieve, and beat them there? ?(s2e9, 21:00 in)

My answer….

I get it. It’s a version of the classic French Omelette (find some youtube videos). After about a dozen eggs, I’ve mostly gotten the technique down, which is essentially very simple whip the eggs until TOTALLY smooth (I can see how using a strainer would help!) and do some shenanigans in the pan (like in the tv show) to get the right texture. You end up with a smooth egg texture rolled up into pleasant, delicate layers.
It would be harsh and nerdy of me to note that on the show she didn’t make the best formed or prettiest french omelette on the show ????

You should totally try making a french omelette at home! If you’re (un)lucky you’ll end up becoming an egg snob like me and always asking restaurants to make it when their menu says they’ll make “2 eggs, any style”. Of course, the server will talk to the chef and come back to you with an exasperated look asking you to pick a “normal” kind of egg, you egg snob!

(the inspiration for French Omelette came from this previous adventure)

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