How to Convert a Mediawiki wiki and WordPress Blog to Static Sites

I recently converted the OrbSWARM Blog and Mediawiki to static websites. Here is how I did it.

Download the entire wiki, minus the “Special” pages and “Help” pages

wget -k -p -r -R ‘*Special*’ -R ‘*Help*’ -E

-k –convert links – edit each page so the links on it link to the new static site instead of a website
-p –page-requisites – fetch all the support files too, like .css and javascript
-r –recursive – download the whole site, not just one file
-R –reject – don’t download pages with these names in them
-E –adjust-extension – make all files end in “.html”

Download the entire WordPress blog

wget -k -p -r -E

Then just upload all those files to a web server!

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