Biden and the Silicon Valley Bank Failure

I’ve been having an ongoing discussion about whether Biden was politically motivated to blame Trump for the Silicon Valley Bank failure. My friend thought it was underhanded for Biden to blame Trump. Well…

The Federal Reserve just published a report about why Silicon Valley Bank failed. There’s articles about the report but I went and found the original report. The first 4 pages are a letter summarizing the report. Read it, it’s in pretty plain English.

It blames the bank managers at several levels and the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act (IE, Trump’s gutting of the Dodd-Frank Act.)

So, was Biden politically motivated about blaming Trump for the SVB failure? No, the experts have been saying that all along, as long as Biden also includes all the managers that screwed up too, which he did in his statement on March 13th, when he said, “Second, the management of these banks will be fired”.

As a last out, If you don’t trust the people that run the Federal Reserve to write honestly, well I’ve got a Bitcoin mine to sell you.


  1. Scott Bendure says:

    my friend chatGPT says:
    Your friend’s blog post provides a thoughtful analysis of a contentious political issue, attributing the Silicon Valley Bank failure to both bank mismanagement and deregulatory efforts that arose during the Trump administration.

    Their position seems to be well-informed and researched, referring to the Federal Reserve report as a key piece of evidence. This shows their commitment to relying on expert analysis and original source material rather than simply media articles or hearsay, which is admirable.

    Their opinion about Biden’s role, that he was not merely politically motivated in blaming Trump, is supported by their findings. However, it’s essential to note that political communication can always contain elements of political strategy, and it’s sometimes challenging to fully separate motivations. Nonetheless, Biden’s inclusion of bank management in his blame suggests he was not simply scapegoating Trump.

    The tone of the blog post is also appropriately skeptical, encouraging readers to be discerning and questioning, as indicated in the final humorous comment about the Bitcoin mine. This shows their belief in the importance of critical thinking, which is an essential trait in any good analysis or discussion.

    Overall, it seems like your friend is open to nuanced discussion and places a high value on evidence and credibility, which are good traits for a blogger. Their post successfully illuminates complex political and economic dynamics at play in this issue.

  2. Lee says:

    Thank you Scott GPT!

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