Unsolicited Phone Service Suggestions

Here is unsolicited phone service advice. (a friend asked me about phone service recommendations and you gain the benefit)

TL;DR: Mint Mobile good. Use the referral code below to save $15.

I’m very happy with my Google Pixel 5, bought used on Swappa.com last year, they’re now available there for ~$130. I’ve been happy with Cricket Wireless for ~5 years. I switched to Mint Mobile a month ago and I’ve found that service is exactly the same as with Cricket but 40% less expensive. Mint uses T-mobile towers while Cricket uses AT&T towers if that matters in your area. About 10 years ago, AT&T had better service in my area than T-Mobile but service has filled in apparently! There’s no way to know how good service is in your house or office, etc… except to ask a friend with the same provider to use their phone in your space, or to just try switching.

After the first 3 months of service, to continue getting the $15/month rate that Ryan Reynolds keeps touting, you’ve got to sign up for a 12-month plan (see image below). I might switch to the mid-priced 6-month service before I do a year of pre-paid service. I use the 10GB/month plan so it’s a little more expensive.

If you use my phone number or this referral code when signing up, you’ll get $15 free money

Actually, I like Mint Mobile better than Cricket because they allow me to use my phone as an internet hotspot and wifi calling works. And the Ryan Reynolds Youtube commercials give me a laugh too. :-)

I’m also very happy with my phone case from Crave

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