It Is Going To Be a Good Day

Sometimes a day goes perfectly. On September 29th…

  • I fixed the 3D printer problem
  • I mostly finished writing my Asclepius letter
  • I figured out how to do the file repository at artistry: All computers get the same Google drive desktop and at the end of the day, I search for files that have been modified today only and incorporate them into the back end repository
  • I found Megan’s coffee cup
  • Abigail has picture day and she was so cute putting on makeup and then us cleaning it up on her face and ultimately taking most of it off
  • I’m going to drama class today for work which is pretty fun
  • I decided to go back and listen to the Harry Dresden novels again. I listened to the beginning of battleground again and omg it is wonderful writing!
  • I had a great discussion with Abigail this morning about how you think about things before you do them, and then how you can think about things faster than you can actually do them. For example I opened a jar of peanut butter in my mind, and then she listened to a song in her mind and we both danced like fools at the breakfast table to the song in her head!
  • Megan and I are getting excited about RVing next week and we are happily fantasizing about getting an RV (and planning on renting several times first!)
  • Abigail is simply rocking her ukulele practice. My new ringtone can attest to that!

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