Madera Wildflower Meadow

I’ve been thinking about and working on making a wildflower Meadow at Abigail School for about 11 months now. I tried starting too late last year so I just had wait for the weather. Here we are! I put down clear UV resistant plastic with the help of a friend for a month to solarize the soil. In a few weeks I will take up the plastic and throw down seed.

It’s a simple project but has taken some will to get it done.
– Approval from school (which meant I had to write up a detailed plan)
– I initially laid down the wrong plastic, with help from Eduardo. The photo on the Farmtek website showed clear plastic but the description was a little vague and I couldn’t find any other plastic sheeting on the site (my bad?) so I bought white plastic which turned out to be the perfect amount of light for growing grass. IE. the opposite of what I wanted.
– laid down the second sheet of plastic with help from Duncan!
– had a weird interaction with the Dad’s Club / Handy Helpers who argued that I shouldn’t ask for volunteers for my project on the main list because 4 events/year was the limit for the organization. :-(
– Lots of waiting for the rainy season
– I’ve got lots of California native seed from Larner Seeds ready to go!

Duncan and I getting the plastic down on a foggy evening

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