Never Combine Taskbar in Windows 11

OMG, why does Windows 11 insist on combining taskbar icons??! They effing removed the option to “never combine taskbar icons”. I’ve got lots of Chrome windows open but Windows just shows the one tiny icon unless I mouse-over it.

If you google the phrase “never combine taskbar icons Windows 11”, you’ll find tens of thousands of angry people and a few third-party apps ranging from free to $10. I’ll probably get one of them but messing with the Windows UI with a third party app can be trouble in the long term.

If you’re on Windows 10 and don’t have a need to upgrade, wait a year.


7-17-22 Update: I installed ExplorerPatcher and it happily set me back to a Windows 10-like interface (complete with Never Combining the Taskbar) very easily. I just ran the setup program and…. tada! I’ve got my taskbar back! Here’s hoping shit doesn’t go south at some point.


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