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Someone asked for printer advice. My response:

For simplicity and reliability, get any low end black and white laser printer. Double-sided printing and wifi are good upgrades. They just work. Don’t get an inkjet. Don’t get an all-in-one. Don’t get an inkjet. If you’re frugal, get refill kits from (but have a spare new one just just in case). I’ve got two Brother HL-L2350DW printers. It’s good to have multiples of the same printer so you can economize/standardize on toner. I hear color laser printers are good these days, I don’t know but I’d expect them to work well but be large and little spendy on the toner.

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  1. Free says:

    FWIW, an all-in-one has been a necessity for me. So many places nowadays want you to scan and upload documents, I need that function. I also use it to keep copies of things like warranties on my hard drive, since I tend to lose paper copies. I deal with government agencies that won’t accept documents by e-mail and want you to fax them, so that function is important. And every once in a while, I need to make a copy. My study is not large enough to have multiple machines, so I just have a color laser all-in-one (Canon imageCLASS MF644Cdw). You can get a refurbished one of those for $325, which isn’t that much more than a regular color printer, and gives you a lot more functionality.

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