Sunbeam Electric Blanket Stealing My Passwords!

Holy Moley! I did not expect my new Sunbeam electric blanket to start stealing my passwords!

After I installed the Sunbeam app on my Android phone to control my electric blanket, I saw that it scrapes my clipboard every time it starts up! I see a message from Android saying “Sunbeam pasted from your clipboard.”

What is “clipboard scraping” you ask? It’s when an app grabs the contents of your clipboard. Sometimes it is a convenience feature, pasting automatically after you copied something. But what the hell does my electric blanket need with the contents of my clipboard? No! My electric blanket does not need to know what is in my phone’s clipboard!

This app is made by the “reputable” Newell Rubbermaid company. They make good garbage cans and Mr. Coffee, and Crock-Pots, for Christ’s sake!

WTF, seriously! This is a serious security and privacy issue!

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