Comments to Google Keep Notes. And then Workflowy

Here’s my feedback letter to Google Keep Notes

Right now, labels in Google Keep Notes are minimally useful. One tweak would change that dramatically!

On the main Keep Notes screen, I’d like to see only unlabeled notes. Maybe make an option in settings: see all notes by default / see only unlabeled notes by default. Or make a button in the interface at the top of the list of labels titled “Unlabelled”.

This option would make labels much more useful!! As it is now, I can’t both use labels and feel free to make a quick unlabeled note, for fear that I will accidentally lose a note in my giant pile of unsorted notes. So I just don’t use labels at all, which is a shame!

To describe it more completely, I’d like my workflow to be:
– make a quick, unlabelled note whenever the notion strikes
– later, either just complete the task or choose to label the note with a tags such as: urgent, work, personal, Big Project, etc.
– when my unlabeled pile is empty, I can move on!
-when considering my “Big Project”, I know I can find the note either in “unlabeled” or “Big Project” and it won’t be lost among the hundreds of other unlabeled notes!

Thanks very much for making Keep Notes!
Best regards,
Lee Sonko

And my follow-up letter

Nevermind. I see the bug has been outstanding for 5 years. I’m trying Workflowy now.


  1. Peter says:

    Not sure of your needs, but Obsidian ( has an interesting way for me to keep journals, project documentation and various other writings. Might work for you?

    – Peter

  2. Lee says:

    You say that Obsidian is “interesting”. Does it actually work for you?

  3. Peter says:

    I’ve been using it for around 6 months to keep a daily work journal and for creating documentation for projects. This is by far the longest that I’ve ever kept a daily journal and it’s paid off so many times when I needed to refresh my memory on something. I’m not yet convinced this it because of Obsidian but it’s built in tagging and reference tools are quite easy for me to use.

    Project documentation is still up in the air since some of the projects are used by others. I’m not yet sure this is the best way to disseminate the working details but since I’m using it anyway for my journal, it’s there to use for project docs too.

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