This Too Shall Pass

OK Go playing their song, This Too Shall Pass, for marching band.

Not gonna lie, I cried a little watching it. Maybe it’s the pandemic, presidential politics (which became “everything” politics), daughter, seeing glimpses of my own mortality, murder hornets, race riots, or 8 months of quarantine. Not sure.

My aunt N asked why I felt this way, she said she couldn’t hear the words to the song. Here’s my response:

It’s funny, the only words I really hear in the whole song is the plea “Let it go, this too shall pass.”
I’m overwhelmed by all the threats and perceived threats in my world. So hearing that message is both welcoming and terrifying!

And I feel like the ORIGINAL  music video for this song is this one:
(though they both came out about the same time) It’s an amazing Rube Goldberg machine of a music video! I first saw this video when I was teaching classes at the Crucible… building things and teaching and such. I seriously considered starting a Rube Goldberg class based on this music video. That was, in many ways, a better time. I didn’t think quite as much about the “this too shall pass” message. But now that I’m seeing the video with the marching band, I think about the old times and the current times and…. it’s overwhelming.

….and the marching  band video is so ludicrous and gently irreverent and reminds me of my own youth, it just accentuates how far I’ve come. And not in a good way.

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