You can Now go Outside! But only During the Day!

You can now go outside! But only during the day!

Yesterday, Contra Costa County declared a mandatory curfew due to riots. (link)

Today, the COVID-19 Shelter-in-Place orders are being partially lifted. (link)

“Contra Costa County residents can go back to work, shop at local retail stores, get childcare and hang out with small groups of loved ones starting June 3.

Indoor retail shopping, business offices, outdoor museums and pet grooming are among the businesses that will reopen in Contra Costa County under the latest shelter-in-place order released today. The order also permits services that don’t require close customer contact, such as housekeeping, car washes, plumbing and pet grooming.”

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    Your title of thus left me smirking. Can I please be silly and ask if coronavirus chooses to become more dangerous at night? Or is that asking for way to much.

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