Life Hack: Milk Lasts Longer in Glass

Here’s a great life-hack: store your milk in glass, it tastes fresher longer! I’m not saying you should spend $7 per 1/2 gallon every week. Just buy a 1/2 gallon glass milk jug and reuse it forever! Pour 1/2 of your gallon jug into the glass bottle and when it comes time to use the second half of your milk in a few days, it will smell fresh and unspoiled!

I guarantee you’ll notice a big difference very first time you try it. Does the milk actually last longer? I’m not sure but after 3 minutes of googling for it, everybody agrees that glass stores better. Drink month-old fresh-tasting milk at your own peril! ;-)

And if you aren’t happy, just return the glass bottle for deposit and go on your way, having spent a whole extra $3 on the experiment!

Megan discovered this life hack! She noticed that in the supermarket, milk in glass had the longest Sell-by dates. Cardboard 1/2 gallons had shorter Sell-by dates and plastic milk gallon jugs had shortest Sell-by dates. It’s ironic that the largest containers have the shortest dates, eh? She did a little research and it turns out exactly the way you think… glass preserves best! Plastic is pretty good but lets some gases in and out, spoiling your milk sooner!

I can’t believe I’ve lived my whole life without knowing this one!

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