Chemicals That Make Your Rugs Stain-Resistant Are Bad For You And Your Children

I took note of this article because our preschool participated in the study and did the right thing. They replaced their carpets (and lots of other people should too!!) with natural wool because it’s been found that the chemicals that made rugs stain resistant have chemicals that are bad for people… especially people that crawl a lot!

The science: there are a lot of related chemicals that use flourine to make themselves stain resistant. The Teflon in pans,  PFAS (poly-flouroalkyl substances), perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), and a bunch more. They put them in rugs to make them stain resistant but it’s bad stuff. It rubs off on kids hands, they lick their hands, and messes with their bodies in serious, long term ways.


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