Looking for Noisy-environment speech recognition microphone

Please help me find a good noisy-environment speech recognition microphone. I have students that want to use speech-to-text in their classroom, the microphone should pick up the student’s voice but not stray voices in the room. Best if it’s on a headset.


  1. Michael says:

    I don’t know how well they work for speech recognition, you’re familiar with my troubles in that field, but Plantronics makes a bunch of loud environment headsets with microphones designed to pickup sound from the wearer instead of, say, an aircraft carrier. They’re not cheap, around $300 a pair, and they’re kind of heavy, but you might be able to pick up just a microphone rather than the entire headset.

  2. Lee says:

    Yeah, Plantronics might have a device that would work for this. I’ve been trying to get a reasonable answer from someone there but it seems like I’ve just got to buy one (for $150+) and find out. I’m not doing that.

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