Great Father’s Day

This was a really great Father’s day!

Family let me sleep in late, oh so nice! We went out to Cafe Leila in Berkeley and had a great brunch. We had fun chatting and playing while waiting for our food. Their pancakes were impossibly fluffy “like chewing on a cloud”, Leila Omelette with sauteed spinach and mushrooms were divine, and Abigail’s breakfast burrito was pretty darn good! Then off to Target for casual shopping! I got some nice clothes and we stayed for almost 2 hours. I was actually happy that the store had remodeled, I was beginning to think that ALL stores were on their way out in favor of Amazon. At home, I got a wonderful dad nap while Megan and Abigail played. Then Abigail and I spent a good while washing her tricycle, sitting out there watching the garden grow, Abigail pay attention to the suds, and the sun shine was oh-so nice! Abigail was bent on cleaning some windows of the house so we went around to the front of the house with a bucket of water and sponges at it went well. Then it was off to a new Nepalese restaurant in the neighborhood, Zomsa that had just perfect noodle bowls and dumplings and everything else! THEN Baskin Robins! We laughed and had so much fun trading ice creams: their cotton candy ice cream is so light and cotton-candy-ish!! And their chocolate cheesecake ice cream is so chocolate cheesecakey, and mint chocolate chip so cheerfully mint chocolate chip! Hurray!

And I got to talk to my father, whom I love so much!

(this was supposed to be published After Father’s Day 2019 but didn’t make it out of my Drafts folder until June 2020, during the stay-at-home pandemic. I don’t know how the post languished in my Drafts folder for so long except to say that I spend a lot of wonderful time with my daughter Abigail! I’ll try to be more prompt about my Father’s Day posts in the future! :-) )

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