What is a reasonable workload for a  school-based occupational therapist?

What is a reasonable workload for a school-based occupational therapist? What percentage of time should a school-based occupational therapist be seeing clients vs performing other duties?

There are few guidelines or rules to answer these questions. That makes it especially difficult for a new occupational therapist who is working in a district on his own (like me). Here are some thoughts and datapoints for you on the subject:

From the AOTA Workforce Survey (I think the data is from 2014),  “How OT Practitioners Spend Their Time in Different Settings”


The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction created a guideline document in 2016. I found it here. You can find a local archive of it here:  Workload-document-and-formulas.2016. This creates a formula to determine workloads for occupational therapists and speech-language pathologists.

Another useful source is the OTSalary.com site. It is billed as “The only open source OT salary survey designed by and for OT practitioners. Knowledge is power.”

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