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Our Trip To See Fiona The Christmas Tree

We visited our Christmas Tree, Fiona over Memorial Day weekend. Fiona will return to us in December courtesy of Patrick and Laura of Forever Green Christmas Tree. They worked hard to help make this, our very first camping trip, a lot of fun!





Megan, Abigail and I at King Park on a beautiful day!

Occupational Therapy Fieldwork Done!

On Friday I finished 960 hours of fieldwork for my master’s degree in occupational therapy! The last step is to pass the board exam. If all goes well, I’ll have more letters after my name in August!

MP3 is Dead. Long Live MP3?

The patent just expired on the MP3 file format (did you know that MP3 wasn’t an open format??). The people that built it, the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits is letting it go.

This article says “the German research body that owns the rights to MP3, has decided to no longer renew its patents on the technology—effectively killing the format for good.” I don’t think the format is “dead” but the long tail has certainly already begun. How often do you listen to MP3’s vs streamed audio content these days?