Looking for Book / Magazine Recommendations for 2-5 year old

Looking for Book / Magazine Recommendations for 2-5 year old!

What are some good magazines for my almost 2 year old daughter?

Maybe you could comment on these suggestions…
To start off the list…
– Games Magazine Junior Kids’ Big Book of Games
– High Five
– Highlights for Children
– Ranger Rick Jr


  1. Stevie says:

    Lee, By far our kids’ favorite book was: “20th Century Children’s Book Treasury”. I’d post a link but your comment section won’t allow them. Imagine every really cool kid’s book all wrapped up in a single cover. It’s not a board book for the kids to destroy themselves, but you’ll find yourself reading to your child and thinking “I remember that story from when I was a kid!”. We’ve taken our copy on practically every vacation and trip and it has kept all four kids interested up until about the age of nine or so. If you only get one book for a child, it should be this one. And of course it includes Goodnight Moon as one of the stories in it.

  2. lee says:

    I’ve ordered it today. Thanks!

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