The Donald

I’m too busy with school, husbanding and fathering to put energy into presidential politics. But The Donald would make a really really really bad president. The thought scares me and I don’t have time for fear right now. So let me put this thought to bed.

Here’s my statistics-driven, finger-crossing conclusion: The Republicans love Donald Trump, but Independents and Democrats both hate him (via). Democrats are 30% of the vote, Independents are 43%, and Republicans are 26%. (via) The Donald is poised to sweep the GOP vote but lose heartily in the general election. So if Donald wins the GOP nomination, we will be welcoming either our first female or social democrat president.

I am reminded that “electability” is the most important factor when considering a candidate. The Trump simply isn’t electable. The rest of the Fivethirtyeight article I mentioned above is good further reading.


Party ID

Candidate Favorability

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