Looking for Ernest Ferranti’s Lackawanna Brewing Company

Looking for Ernest Ferranti’s Lackawanna Brewing Company!

I got a message from a man named Jim Torre. Can you help?
He writes:
I found you through your website lee.org. I live in Archbald, PA and saw that your grandfather was Ernest Ferranti. I found his name in a book that said he was VP and later owner of Lackawanna Beer and Ale Corp, which was originally Lackawanna Brewing Company, after the buyout from Pennsylvania Central Brewing. I’ve been doing some research on opening my own brewery and I am interested in using the original name “Lackawanna Brewing Company”. I looked in the Department of State database for PA, and found that this name is still active, even though the business closed its operations in 1897. So the reason I am contacting you is to find out if you or one of your relatives still own the shares in this company or if you know who the business was sold to in 1943.


  1. Barry Cavagnro says:

    is this Bobby’s brother Jimmy?

  2. Michael says:

    Well, a quick search suggests that a newer company named Lackawanna Brewing was started in 1987 in Scranton. Not sure if they actual produce any actual beer.

    Which suggests that Jim needs to get in touch with the new guys.

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