Summer in Full Swing

Summer is in full swing. Abigail is growing like crazy! Megan has been posting photos on Facebook. If you want to see them, ping me to ping her :-)

The plum tree in the back yard gave us about 10 pounds of plums… kinda all at once. I had been using a broom with a potato masher taped to the end to pluck individual fruit off the tree then I thought how I really wanted all the fruit that was about to fall off the tree. I gave the tree a shake and it was suddenly raining plums! DUM BUM BUM DUM plums hitting the ground and me with my arms over my head getting hit by ripe fruit! It was wonderful!

Last week a friend on our new parents group said she had too many lemons so we went over and got like 20. Megan got this great photo of Abigail swimming in lemons! I’ve got a photo of the lemon curd we made with it. It came out AMAZING, along with the lemon cake!

In the photo:
* Megan’s home made lemon curd in the big jar
* (what’s left of) My home made plum jam and plum coffee cake
* Caitlin’s home made ghee

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  1. Laura B says:

    Lemon curd? Ghee? What time is breakfast — I’ll bring homemade scones!

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