Goodbye 3D Camera Phone

For about 2 years I had an HTC EVO 3D phone on Sprint. It took totally groovy 3D pictures! Unfortunately, Sprint service in the east bay totally sucks so I dumped it for my Motorola Moto X (which totally rocks). The phone had a lenticular screen which should show 3D photos and video pretty darn well! It’s sad that I now have no really good way to view the 3D photos I took except “wigglevision”.


  1. Laura B says:

    That’s pretty cool (the 3D pics) even with “Wigglevision.” We love Sprint, but unfortunately the coverage in some areas here is not great either. We’ve actually been with Sprint three times, keep looking for something better, and keep coming back :) Good luck with your new phone and new service!

  2. Michael says:

    Why don’t you unlock the phone and use it as a wifi device? You own it right? Federal law just reinforced our rights when it comes to owning cell phones.

    At least it would delay the loss of truer 3d viewing for your pictures.

  3. lee says:

    Michael, I could continue to use it as a wifi device just fine. But there’s not enough time in a day to keep all the things :-\

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