Goodbye Landline Phone!

Goodbye to my favorite landline phone. I got this Uniden EXS9800 900mhz digital spread spectrum phone in about 1998. The sound quality of this phone is the reason I’ve said hundreds of times, “Can I call you back on my landline?” It has the best sound quality I’ve ever had in a phone. I’ve gloated to many friends about how their cordless phones sucked while this was was always rock solid. It’s even got a great, solid feel, something I’ve never seen in any other cordless phone.

It needs another new battery (Radio Shack #23-964, 3.6v replacement battery), I don’t have a landline, don’t think I’ll be getting one soon, and don’t have the room to store a piece of electronics that won’t work without a new custom battery.

I’ll bring it to the Crucible for the kids to tear apart.


  1. Blue says:

    Oh we had the same exact phone and LOVE IT!!! I wish they still made them!

  2. lee says:

    Blue, haha! It was the only cordless phone I ever really liked. I’m blogging about it here so when I need it again, I can (hopefully!) rebuy one on eBay.

    hmm, I just looked on eBay and found the replacement batteries but not the phone! Maybe people are hording this phone! Maybe I should sell mine instead of throwing it away! Maybe I should keep it forever!

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