Aio Wireless and a New Phone

Virgin Mobile has great cell phone service in San Francisco but terrible service in the East Bay. So this week I got a new Moto X phone and Aio Wireless. If you consider switching to AioWireless, send me your name and email address (mine is Lee at Lee dat org) so I can officially refer you, we’ll both get $25.


After playing with it for 2 days, the Moto X phone is super-cool:

  • Lightning fast
  • a battery that mostly lasts all day (2 days it ran down to 30%, 1 day I made it a wifi hotspot for an hour and it was dead at 10pm)
  • Google Now is awesome-creepy-cool. I can speak things to it. Last night I said, “Ok Google Now, set an alarm for 5 minutes” and it did! “I just said, “Ok Google Now, give me directions to El Cerrito Plaza BART Station by bus” and it did!


And with Aiowireless (instead of Virgin Mobile) I actually have cell phone service! So far I haven’t found any dead spots. Ask me again in a week. Aiowireless costs just $35/month for unlimited talk, text, and 500mb of wireless data. I’m excited to think it’s all going to work out well on the cost-coverage front!



  1. lee says:

    Wee! I am typing this comment in a tunnel on the BART train. I am typing on my laptop which is linked via a private wifi connection to my phone, which is connected to the internets via a really fast, really reliable connection! The future is here!

    Of course, I’m sucking the battery down like crazy, but that’s ok because I now have an extra 2+ hours per day where I can do stuff. I sometimes like to look out the train window too but that gets old.

  2. Dan says:

    In case you are interested, I was talking with AIO tonight and they told me their “Talk” is on the ATT network. However, “data” is on their own network. I’m not sure how their data speeds compare to ATT.

    I’m getting ready to join Aio. Here is my name / email address so we can hopefully each get $25 after about 60 days. Thanks.

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