On Vacation!

I am writing to you from just north of St. Paul Minnesota! Megan and I will be spending the next 10 days or so on a private island on the Canadian border near International Falls, MN. Very good friends of Megan own this tiny island on Rainy Lake. We are looking forward to totally destressing and reconnecting with each other, ourselves and the universe! I think they have electricity, but no TV, no cellphones (not even 1G!), and the internet is over a phone line, Ha! So what will we do? Sleep, eat, read, play, swim, talk, look at the sunset, look at the sunrise, look at the sun high in the sky, listen to the loons, maybe catch a real thunderstorm, and maybe maybe maybe see the northern lights!

I’ll check my voicemail maybe sometimes. But don’t count on it. And email not at all!

To start things out, we are staying at a friend’s house. Tomorrow’s breakfast is promising!

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  1. Blue says:

    that is so cool, enjoy!

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