The Bit Rots From Within

(nerd alert)
Ugh. I clicked the shiny “upgrade” button trying  to upgrade from Mediawiki 1.16.something to 1.19.something on one of my private wikis. Now I’m stuck because apparently the <Poem> tag has broken, I can’t fix the problem, I can’t go back to Mediawiki 1.16 and… ARRRGH.

There is probably some stupid setting in the stupidly lengthy and cryptic LocalSettings.php that isn’t compatible with something. All I have to do is learn up on all the changes to Mediawiki in the last 3 years to find out what settings have changed, figure out how to integrate that into my setup and… did I mention arrrgh?

This is why (insert witty defeatist linux truism here)



  1. Ray says:

    Freakin Mediawiki- I just tried moving the boxshop wiki to a different server, and it refuses to work now. The database is working and localsettings.php and htaccess are all updated, but nothin. I’m thinking of plopping in the system I made for the really really free market that has a wiki and other stuff like an event calendar, and is alot less annoying to fiddle with and has wysiwyg editing, and can have a unified login with the security system.

  2. Lee says:

    Hey, whatever works!

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