Really Good Bike Light

I was riding down a foggy, dark Berkeley hill over the summer thinking, “I can’t see the road! I’m going to get killed!” So I got a bright bike light. I only ended up paying $50 on Amazon and I’m quite happy with it.

  • It is literally as bright as a car headlight! I’ve pulled up at stop lights and the light it cast is comparable to the low beams of the cars next to me. I can see the road!
  • It took a full month to arrive from Hong Kong. But it looks like they are shipping from the US now.
  • You definitely want to get the wide angle lens, otherwise one spot is lit brilliantly and you can’t much see the rest of the road.
  • The battery lasts something like 1.5 to 3 hours.
  • The ONLY problem I have is that it runs full strength until it runs out… which means it could die unexpectedly on the road. So I carry my old 1 watt light when I’m travelling a long distance at night.
  • I tried to take photos of the light at night but they didn’t come out well. I’ll just say that the hard-to-believe-bright images on Amazon and elsewhere are real
  • It isn’t perfectly balanced on my handlebar so when I hit a bump, it jiggles. But it’s pretty good… and just $50! Wait… they lowered the price, looks like it’s $30 + $10 for the lens…  total $40!
  • $40, wow! REI sells similarly bright headlamps for around $200. I hope this one isn’t going to give me cancer or something

Here are the products:
4 Mode 1200 Lumen CREE XML T6 Bulb LED Bicycle bike HeadLight Lamp Flashlight Light Headlamp (Amazon link)

Wide Angle Lens for MagicShine, Gemini, and many other Bike Lights / Headlight (Amazon link)

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