How To Spend My Odd Denomination Gift Card

I got a gift card a while back. I ended up having $58.02 left on it. It’s a bother to try and spend EXACTLY $57.02 and some retail clerks don’t know how to ring up a multi-credit card purchase. I was able to apply the money to my account without any fees and a minimum of  hassle.

I used my non-reloadable card to buy an Amazon Gift Card. Then I applied that Gift Card to my Amazon account so I can spend it. The beauty is that Amazon will let me purchase a gift card in any amount, in my case I bought a $57.02 gift card and applied it to my account, finishing off my non-reloadable card. You might have to look around on the Amazon site to find the “arbitrary denomination” cards. Here is the current link to it:


  1. Michael says:

    That’s a lot better than my version. I used a square reader to pull the value off of a card, but you have to pay square their 2.5% fee.

  2. lee says:

    Using Square is neat too (minus the 2.5% of course). You get the cash money in your hand.

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