Some Nice Adventures with Megan

A chronicle from back in early June:


I biked to Fort Mason, we met up and saw an outdoor exhibit in Fort Mason Center called “Seat“, which was exactly what you think it might be… seats as art. Which you’d think was kinda dumb but after seeing a couple of them and “getting it” it was really pretty cool and fun.

The Exploratorium exhibits at Fort Mason were fun.

Went to Greens at Fort Mason – very chic and expensive vegetarian. I’m glad we went there but ultimately the tiny servings of flavored butter beans and tiny servings of the fried food were the best foods, which doesn’t speak terribly highly of the place.

Exploratorium After Dark was great fun. We got the backstage tour from Marnia and Corey, official visiting artists with the TE+ND rover (!)


Great breakfast at Sunny Side Cafe on Solano Ave in Albany. Their “Alameda” is the perfect hungry man’s breakfast. It’s this giant stack of French Toast, ham, eggs, hollandaise sauce and all that is good in breakfast. Megan’s niece Hanna was there, Hanna’s boyfriend Brett and Emma were there. Hanna sings a lot :-)

A 3 hour hike into Tilden Park with Megan, Hanna, Brett, and Cali. It started out as a regular hike until we decided to try and find the Tilden Park Caves. We succeeded and had quite an adventure! A bee climbed into Hanna’s hair and Brett had to get it out with a stick!

Sushi dinner at Mijori in Grand Lake with Caitlin. Megan ran into her faux-bo, we saw Martin and his son who really wanted to go to a sushi boat. A (successful) quest for frozen yogurt was undertaken, during which we ran into my pal Marcus.

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