Decreasing Blog Readership

So what’s up with this?

Is this related to the Facebookification of the internet? No matter, I blog so my friends (and I) know what’s up in my world. Still, it’d be nice if I were super-famous and stuff.


  1. Free says:

    The Facebookification of the internet could well be it. There has been a lot of comment lately on the fact that LiveJournal is getting a lot less traffic than it used to. I consider it a pity. We went from lengthy, thought-out posts on LiveJournal to whatever would fit into the character limit on Facebook.

  2. lee says:

    Honestly, Livejournal looks like it is stuck in the ’80’s. I commented in 2005 (yes, 7 years ago) that Livejournal has no way to search through posts. They still don’t. That killed it for me then and that kills it for me now.

    And Livejournal doesn’t “remember” me. Every frigging time I go to a friend who has “protected” posts, I have to log in. And Livejournal refuses to remember my login AND refuses to allow autocomplete for my logins. So when I want to see how my friend Free is doing, I have to type my username & password every frigging time. There is a “Remember me” button on Livejournal’s login but it has never worked for me in any browser. I haven’t tried in about 6 months; I’ll try again. Having to type in a username/password might not seem like much but even my frigging bank remembers my username so I don’t have to type it in every time.

    (sorry, I get mad when good things stagnate and die)

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