What Addiction is Like

I’ve often thought how I really haven’t ever been addicted to anything. And how it would be interesting and useful from a human nature perspective to understand what it is like to have an addiction. So, for instance, when someone says, “I just couldn’t quit!” I want to be able to relate instead of just thinking (but never saying!), “Nonsense, just apply yourself.”

Well, I’ve been drinking coffee to keep my focus for my school studies. Sometimes I drink 2 cups/day and it totally helps!

When a test isn’t looming, I don’t generally drink, but now I find that I have to drink, whether I want to or not. I get a dull headache for hours on end and I have a little trouble focusing. I tried to get off it; for the last 2 weeks I’ve been drinking less and less, but I’m stuck drinking 1/2 cup a day whether I want to or not, lest the headache and dullness overtake me.

So I ask myself, “How does it feel to be addicted?



  1. Wladyslaw says:

    Choose your addictions wisely.

  2. lee says:

    That is the most sage advice I’ve heard all year.

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