Workshop Weekend March 17 & 18!

The Workshop Weekend guys have a really impressive lineup at Tech Liminal on March 17 & 18. And they’re trying out a Convention pricing model… $30 gets you into any and all of the classes (a lot of classes have materials fees, but hey, that’s stuff you take home)!

I’m teaching a Beetlebots class. Check it all out


Register for Workshop Weekend by Wednesday, March 7 and get 10% off admission with discount code EARLYBIRD2012.

Join us on March 17-18 to solder, program, build, craft, make and explore. New this year, a flat $30 admission gets you as many workshops as you can handle!

Register by Wednesday, March 7 and get 10% off admission with discount code EARLYBIRD2012. Select your workshops at

We have 25 workshops to choose from at this Workshop Weekend:

Arduino for Newbies: Build an Arduino TV-B-Gone
Programming the Arduino for Fun and Profit (but just fun)
Make a Bug-in-a-Book: Clandestine Listening Devices
Exploring DNA Sequencing
Natural Bath Salts
Learn to Knit: Cowls
Geeky Cross Stitch
Scrapcycling: Recycling Old Fabrics into New Clothes
Millefiori Jewelry Making
Origami Photo Album-making
Electroluminescent Wire Workshop
Stop Motion Animation: Story
Stop Motion Animation: Characters
Learn to Program
PHP Web Development
Build a Camping Stove
Building Robots
Build a BeetleBot
Learn Lockpicking
Sewing Circuits
Learn to Solder
Obamacare: About America’s Healthcare System
Smart Aquaponics
Register and select workshops online at

I hope we’ll see you in just a few weeks!

J.D. & Gil
Workshop Weekend

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