Android vs iPhone Discussion

A friend asked the Lazyweb for help with Samsung Galaxy phone vs iPhone. Here’s my response:

I’m very happy with my Android Samsung Galaxy S. I’ve had it for almost a year now. My last phone was an iPhone 3G. My Samsung had a short battery life so I got a backpack battery for it; it’s a bit large but now no battery problems.

It took a while to get used to the Android. Some of the apps it came with aren’t as good as the stock iPhone apps. IE the calculator app. But there are free and cheap calculator apps that kick the iphone’s calculating ass.
More deets:

My vmail and email now belong to the Google, and I like it better than Steve owning them.

Android runs Flash in the browser. And it works great. That says just as many bad things about Apple as good things about Android.

I didn’t root my phone and I don’t feel I need to. There is just 1 tiny thing I would change if I were to go to the trouble of rooting the phone.

Your next phone should be an Android.

Oh but I have to say, the iphone 4’s High Dynamic Range camera takes pretty effing awesome pictures.


  1. Simon T says:

    I went from Blackberry (all hail to the BlackBerry keyboard!) to Android (the incredible Droid Incredible) to iPhone 4. I thought the iPhone was a step down in performance but the apps were better and the device is better made. Contact management worked much better on the Droid. I still connect the Droid to wifi and travel with both, so I’m getting the best of both worlds. My biggest complaint about the iPhone 4 camera is shutter lag. I rarely use the HDR because it produces unnatural skin tones.

  2. GhostWorks says:

    I have both the iPhone 4s and Samsung Galaxy S, and have the Pro’s and Con’s…

    Hardware : The Samsung is a much bigger screen and seems to be a lovely high Def screen like the Retina Display on the iPhone 4/4S, but the Build quality is much better with the iPhone 4s, it feels more solid.

    App Store’s: the iPhone app store is far better and i’m not talking about the Quantity of apps but more the features like the updates of apps and reliability of installing them too , i found the android market to be unreliable and doesn’t notify you of updates to apps in 1 place, as well as Galaxy S has two app stores ( samsung apps and Android market ), and not all android apps work on android devices , so you can’t fully say there is an app for that but you can for iPhone…

    Firmware updates: iPhone is simple to update via iTunes and now OTA updates after Firmware iOS 5.0 which is even better , however Andriod Crashed twice so far in a year and had to go back for warranty repair , now that warranty has expired i won’t do a firmware upgrade , its basically because the software and hardware are not from the same company like Apple is for the iPhone…

    Conclusion so far: iPhone may be a more stable , reliable , better built phone and more simple to use for the non savvy user but you can do more with an android but will cost you issues

  3. GhostWorks says:

    If I had to choose between the 2 , I’d go for the Apple iPhone 4s, many due to the fact that apple makes the software and hardware together no 3rd party except for app development, which makes it more reliable for business usage, and its simpler to use and does things right ( email, iMessage, face time etc )

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