How To Set Gmail As The Default Email In Chrome


This will work for you if you have Windows XP. For Windows 7 and a bunch of other ways to do it, refer to his page. (one easy way is to use the Send from Gmail extension.

Ever wanted to send an email directly from Gmail when you click a “contact” or “mailto” link in Google Chrome only to have your desktop email client pop open? Firefox has a quick fix for this already baked in its options, but unfortunately for us Chrome users, Google has yet to officially implement this feature. Fortunately, there are few ways to fix this and set Gmail as the default email in Chrome.

Change the “File Type” Settings

This one’s fairly straightforward. Open a Windows Explorer window, then:

    1. Go to Tools > Folder Options > File Types
    2. Near the top of the list of filetypes, click on “URL:MailTo Protocol”
    3. Click on “Advanced”
    4. With “open” highlighted, click on “Edit”
    5. In the field under “Application used to perform action, enter this:    “C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” –app=
    6. (where USERNAME is your Windows user name)


  1. bh says:

    Google Chrome / Windows Ultimate 7 — HOW / WHERE is the “Folder Options” in “Tools” — NOT listed!

  2. lee says:

    step 1: read my post, starting from the beginning
    step 2: there is no step 2

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