Got Boingboinged for Flame Effects Class

My upcoming Flame Effects class in LA topped on October 24th :-). Thanks to Mark Frauenfelder for posting and asking me to bring the class to LA in the first place. (The class)

This class has sold out. If you want to be alerted to future flame effects classes, please drop me an email at Lee at Lee dat org.


  1. Kirk says:

    Lee, As a young person I used to love all things flammable.

    Just want to share my favourite fireball machine experience. Consisted of a 4 foot piece of 5 inch pvc pipe. One end had a cap. Shop vac hose was affixed to the end with the cap. The hose was hooked to the output (blow) of the vacuum. Position the PVC pipe vertical using a saw-horse and clamp to keep it steady. Position the vac on a elevated platform so that the vac is higher than the top of the pvc pipe. Do this outside and don’t get the shop vac port mixed up. Ok fill the tube with propane. Should be able to see fumes spill over the top of the pipe when it is full. Ok light the top of the tube and you should only see a small amount of flame. Now while the fire is still going turn the vac on. Should see a mushroom of flame erupt into the air.


  2. muffin says:

    So very cool!

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