Real Bread in 10 Minutes Class Saturday November 12th!

Hey, I’m teaching another Real Bread in 10 Minutes class on Saturday November 12th. Sign up on Skillshare.

Here’s the blurb I put up on Skillshare.

Real Bread in 10 Minutes

Learn how to make fantastic home made bread that is easier, less expensive, faster and better than going to the store!

About the Class

Making bread is easier, faster and more flexible than you thought. You can make fantastic bread every day inexpensively with less than 10 minutes effort, including cleanup! In this class, you’ll learn techniques to minimize the ordinary and maximize the extraordinary parts of making all kinds of bread at home. We’ll talk about things like: instant yeast vs sourdough, refrigerated dough, crust, crumb, shaping, amendments, the chemistry and biology of bread, and the thousands of varieties of this staple food. Once you have the foundations, you’ll see bread recipes as suggestions instead of steps to be followed. The sky is the limit! While our bread bakes, we’ll make our own specialty butter! You will get to eat and bring home the product of our joyful labors.

To assure you that I’m not trying to pull a fast one with this whole “10 minute” thing, I’ll say that this bread takes 10 minutes effort (including cleanup!), about 50 minutes rise, and 50 minutes baking…. 110 minutes from grabbing the flour to hot bread. And with another technique I’ll show, your next loaf can take 5 minutes effort and just 80 minutes to hot bread!

This class has been taught to great accolades with the Institute of Urban Homesteading in Oakland, At Maker Faire San Mateo 2011, East Bay Mini Maker Faire 2011, and in collaboration with

An amazing testimonial from Liz Toole, “… we had a blast, fell in love with breadmaking, and  we haven’t bought a loaf of bread from ANY store ANY where since… You made the whole process so simple and enjoyable. We loved your approach of “just go for it, what’s the worst that can happen?” and your assurances that it will always turn out well. It always does!”


  1. lee says:

    Cool, my class got featured on the Skillshare Learn page. :-)

  2. aira says:

    Are you teaching online too? I felt bad I can’t join the class. I’m so interested because most of the time I eat bread. It would be a big help if I can bake for myself. Less expenses.

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