It’s Going to be a Great Year

I’ve decided that this is going to be a great year.

I got a -lot- of birthday greetings this year. Sure, a part of it is that Facebook makes it really easy to send birthday greetings. But darn it feels good to know you have friends.

In August I started taking classes as prerequisites to get into a 2 year Radiation Therapy Technology program. It feels really good to be in school. It has a beginning, middle and end, and a lot of people say they are very happy with the career afterward. I had found myself floundering a bit careerwise; it feels great to point myself in a direction I know will yield results and go. It really bugs me that my career wasn’t going well. It certainly wasn’t for lack of trying! But the future is looking up. And there’s a host of little good things associated with school. I’m taking an American History class and I’m just astounded at how cool it is to see the United States coming together before my eyes. It’s great going to a good and inexpensive gym on campus.

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