I worked with  Tara and Ralph in Flameworking to build this rather fun carnival attraction! They did the most work with the moving board, the case, the decorations, bells and signage. I snazzed it up with electronics: each hole triggers an effect!

It is running at The Crucible’s “Inferno: A Fire Circus” Thursday thru tonight!

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  1. lee says:

    When people ask, “What is the object of the game?”

    I love telling them, “The object of the game is to have fun! Get a ball in any hole you want. Every hole does something different. You can’t lose!”

    Then I pause and lean in, whispering in their ear and pointing, “But secretly, that’s the good hole.”

    They go for that hole with a vengeance. But usually somewhere between the dinging bells and blinking lights, they start to enjoy themselves. When they finally get the hole, I watch the smile come across their face as the vibration intensifies, shaking their knees, up their backs and right to their back teeth. I like that no one else, not even the person standing next to them, knows what is going on. It’s such a public secret!

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