Looking for PDFCreator Replacement

PDFCreator lets you create PDFs by simply printing to the “PDFCreator” printer. Lately, PDFCreator has held some optional adware, and just today… well, here is the comment I put on Sourceforge, where PDFCreator is hosted:

PDFCreator should be removed from Sourceforge. Today PDFCreator tried to install adware on my computer several MONTHS after I installed it; when installing, I chose to not receive the adware. This adware includes searchsettings.exe, applicationupdater.exe, and pdfforgetoolbar.exe, among other detrius.

What is a good replacement for PDFCreator for Windows?


  1. Melissa says:

    I probably have simpler uses and publications than you, but I often use Open Office to create my pdfs, although there is potential for formatting losses.

  2. lee says:

    Open Office can print to a PDF? That’s nice!

    My uses aren’t more complex, just sometimes I want to give someone a PDF instead of a Word doc or whatnot. Though I’d rather not switch to Open Office for my documents, MS Word has done well for me and every time I use Open Office I run into small but important problems. Thanks for the idea though!

  3. Mike says:

    I swear by Cute PDF Writer


  4. lee says:

    Perfect. Thanks Mike!

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