This weekend I spent some time studying math with Schuyler. Highlights included

  • Spending 20 minutes discussing exactly why negative 2 times negative 2 equals 4.
  • finally realizing (I remember getting this wrong in high school and never learning it correctly) this one little tidbit about reducing fractions with fractional exponents. (hint, remember that if you’re using two different constant bases, those are not like terms!)
  • spending an hour and a half hacking on one fairly simple problem and then BAM! getting it right and knowing why it was right.
  • After 5 hours of sitting in chairs, we were both exhausted.
And on the fourth, it was nice spending time in Golden Gate Park with Schuyler, Michael and friends!

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  1. friscolex says:

    Ha. I spent a couple hours editing a friend’s math paper for publication. I just did the English readability but wow, it was tough stuff. But they published the last one I edited, ha! Wow, even the link is long and terrible.

    Yours looks more fun!

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