I Know Where The Hell Matt Is!

This Thursday night, world famous Matt will be in Oakland!

Let’s dance!

PLACE: Inside the Gazebo in Lake Merritt Park
DATE: Thursday, July 7th
Time: 7pm

Here’s a Google map of the location:

Facebook invite:

The photo at the bottom of this email shows exactly where to meet. You
can also view the image here:

more deets:

Meet-up Info:
When you get to the spot, look for the guy who looks like the guy in
the dancing video. Just come on over, say hello, and ask if I am Matt.
If I’m not Matt, I will let you know.

Before we dance, I will need to get your legal permission to appear in
the video. I’ll shout some legal-sounding stuff on camera and you can
just nod and give me a thumbs up if you’re okay with it. Anyone under
18, please bring a parent or guardian who can authorize your

I can’t guarantee the clip we shoot will end up in the final video.
There will be a lot of footage to choose from and some of it will not
be used.

Wearing distinctive clothing will make it easier to spot yourself in
the video, but please do not dress as a licensed character (Mario,
Spider-Man, Sarah Palin) or I will have to blur you and that will make
everyone think you showed up naked or something. Also, please do not
show up naked.

After the event, I’ll be selling shirts and books. The T-shirt says “I Danced
With Matt” (so you’ll have proof) and the book is about the travels
that went into making the previous “Where the Hell is Matt?” videos.
Everything is $15. Cash only, please.

You’re welcome to bring your own camera. After the shoot, I’ll stick
around for as long as anyone is waiting. I’m happy to dance with you
in your own picture/video, so don’t hesitate to ask, but I do request
that you wait until we’re finished shooting because I’ll be very busy
until then.

Please reply to this email or on Facebook if you plan to attend, and
let us know how many people you’ll be bringing, so we have a rough
idea of how many to expect.

We’re planning to put the final video up on the Internet sometime in late 2011.

I know a lot of you are nowhere near these events. I can only put together
so many of them, so I pick the regions where I’ve heard from the most people.

Want Matt to Come Dance With Your Group?
I’m trying to include all sorts of dances with all kinds of groups
this time, so if you have an idea for something that might look great
in the video, please reply to this email and submit it. If I’m passing
through your area on my way to an event, I might be able to meet up
with you for a few minutes and dance.

To submit your idea, please include a link to a photo or short video
of your dance group, ideally in the location where we would film.
Whether it’s your kid’s ballet class, a cheerleading squad, ballroom
dancing at a retirement home, or just you and your friends bouncing
around outside a 7-11, I’ll consider anything. Just let me know
exactly where it would happen and try your best to give me a sense of
how it would look in the video. Please keep your description short and
concise, replace the subject line of the email with: “CLIP IDEA”, and
understand that my tight schedule won’t allow me to meet up with
everyone, as much as I’d like to.

That’s everything.

I look forward to dancing badly with you!



  1. Lee Sonko says:

    Oakland, California. Read more here: http://lee.org/blog/2011/07/02/i-know-where-the-hell-matt-is/ and get on his mailing list on his website wherethehellismatt.com. Maybe he’s coming north too!

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