As Seen in the Jack Rabbit Speaks

I just noticed this in the latest Burning Man “Jack Rabbit Speaks”
[BManUpdate] V15:#10:03.24.11
Burning Man Update: The Jack Rabbit Speaks
Volume 15, Issue #10
March 24, 2011


Our friend Steve Young sends us this about a course at The Crucible in Oakland that miiiight just be of interest to Burners. Call us crazy.


In this hands-on flame effects and electronics class you will learn how flame effects work, how to design and build them safely and how to use a Arduino microcontroller to create complex fire sequences and interactive behavior, while building your own ‘poofer’ fire sculpture.

Topics that we will cover include solenoid valves, sensors and programming interactivity. You will also learn how these same techniques can be used with other fluids such as compressed air and hydraulic fluid, often used in robotics and kinetic sculptures. This class is a perfect ‘next level’ for any artist who wants to control their art in exciting and interactive ways.

There are no prerequisites for this class, though exposure to basic electronics and programming is helpful. A laptop computer is highly recommended but not required. Personal projects are welcomed. You will take home your final project and are welcome to add to it. This is a complementary course to ‘Flame Effects for Art’.

Sign up for the Flame Effects for Art class at the same time as this class and receive $40 off Flame Effects for Art.

*Young Adults age 16+ must request approval and register to take this class by phone at 510-444-0919 ext0

Cost: $425.00 (Tuition: $210.00, Studio Fee: $215.00), Members: $404.00”

That’s my class!
I’m terribly excited and terribly nervous. And it’ll be awesome.

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