I’m a Published Author

Each month AAA’s magazine “Via” has segment where they ask readers to contribute tips. Here’s one I submitted and they published in the west coast March 2011 edition, with great help from Charlotte! It’s neat that they illustrated the idea as well :-) Illustration by Michael Klein.

They sent me a AAA T-Shirt and a $25 check :-)


  1. Alexis says:

    $25 is nothing to shake a stick at! Great idea, really. The world needs more bubbles!

    Hey I like that new click-on-the-picture-and-it-pops-up thing.

    Also, do we get to hear more about Hawai’i?

  2. lee says:

    The click-on-the-picture-and-it-pops-up thing has been around for a long while now. Go back to old posts and look!

    >do we get to hear more about Hawai’i?
    There’s not too much more to tell. I spent most of my time working. I’ve got just a couple more pictures I’ll post.

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