Techkriti 2010

(this post got lost in my Drafts folder for 12 months. I wrote this last year. Oops!)

Nobel Laureate, Nobel Laureate, Director at the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, Padmashri recipient, Gödel Prize winner, and me.


I mean WOW.

While I’m honored to have my face there, the 4 of us are showing SWARM. We have to get them a better group headshot and group biography! I’m the one organizing the trip but Marnia, Niladri, Jon and I are presenting as a group and this all couldn’t happen without them. For the bio, they had taken my short bio and extended it with material from the SWARM website instead of using the 4 bios I sent.

But I’ve got to say “Wow”.

(Techkriti Talks page)
Techkriti '10 - 11th to 14th Feb, 2010
Techkriti '10 - 11th to 14th Feb, 2010 - 1

“When a person talks about his work, he is talking about a love affair”. – Alfred Kazin

Be witness to lectures that are sure to blow your mind away. From Nobel laureates who climbed steep rungs to the very zenith of success to business wizards who have literally accomplished Mission Impossible, these talks have them all. This year we have talks with both a technial and an entreprenuerial flavour. From Turing award winners to “desi-innovators” with a rags-to-riches story, Techkriti ’10 has it all. The talks form the essence of the festival where the triumph of the human mind is celebrated. So no matter what keeps each one of us ticking, let us all come together to assimilate the distilled essence of the roads to success.

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