Quite a Weekend

Thursday went to a March Fourth Marching Band concert at the Independent with Jeni. It was seriously the most fun I’ve had in a while. To describe the band, put the following in one of those “Will it blend?” blenders: marching band, jazz, danger, soul, hula, burlesque, funk, stilts, big band, dixie, and 1 ounce of high grade plutonium for umph.

Skip to 1:00 into the video

Pix from our show

The stiltwalkers cleared an area in front and did some pretty amazing stunts. We were in the front row and our teeth were not knocked out by long wooden poles.

Presenting The March Fourth Marching Band!

The night went very well :-)


Schuyler dancing with a coin operated boy at the Warfield, new years eve!

Friday night Schuyler and I went to the Dresden Dolls / Pomplamoose new years eve show at the Warfield. (sideline: I got awesome news, Schuyler officially became a professional artistic blacksmith at 7pm, when his Kickstarter campaign came through with $5,000 to build his portfolio in the coming months!)


I was a little disappointed that Pomplamoose hasn’t yet translated the fun energy they project on their multitudinous Youtube videos to their stagecraft. As a matter of fact, Schuyler and I were standing outside the hall for several minutes hearing “some opening act” before I realized it was them. I’ll still follow their careers, there’s a lot to come!

Dresden Dolls at the Warfield

Dresden dolls were in high form. Maybe I never realized it but Brian Viglione is a really good drummer. Their music is more “listen and connect” than “dance a joyous groove” like March Fourth from the night before. Nonetheless, they rocked.

As the concert was starting, Schuyler and I met a girl, then her boyfriend later. Z and Steven were in San Francisco from Vancouver for work and fun and we certainly helped them with the fun part, making a little fun in their hotel room til just past 3.

The four of us met up again Saturday night. We weren’t sure what to do so we went on a burrito tour! We only ended up eating at Taqueria San Jose and Cancun because they were all closed for the holiday! But we got to throwing in a Chinese place in the Tenderloin and a fun hour or so at Noisebridge. It’s kind of an odd kismet that one of Steven’s missions in the Mission was to visit Noisebridge and, as it turns out, I’ve got a key to the place on my keyring! He was all worried about there not being events going on and getting in the front door and such. Worried were allayed :-)

Sunday, fantastic birthday pajama brunch at Jeni’s. Then a late afternoon with Marah; SF Moma!

Some highlights include:

  • The spotlight following people in the lobby. Apparently it’s computer and/or internet controlled. I’ll have to check that out tomorrow.
  • The wine exhibit (I asked Marah to smell the wines blindfolded and she could tell the difference, calling the petrol scented one “not fruity and not grassy”, twisting her nose a bit. That’s a success in my book)
  • Seeing an entirely black painting… actually, a photograph of a lynching that can only be seen in infrared. A camera and TV showed you what was really there. I like that the scene was blacked out. The museum had this whole area on death and violence and the blocked out one was my favorite. I say, “leave the dying for when I’m dead.”

Loving this Magritte at SF Moma

A wine glass INSIDE a bottle of wine (hard to see, sorry)

4 days straight of being on the go for fun. Phew, I’m exhausted!

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  1. Debby Sommer says:

    Ooh! March Fourth *and* Dresden Dolls!
    :: is envious ::

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