More Progress from Electronic Controlled Flame Effects

Tim, one of my students from the Electronic Controlled Flame Effects class this spring built this nice propane sand fire pit recently. :-)

local version:


  1. it is great people are teaching flame effects, but most fire departments want. Insurance to use in public, so who will insure flame effets?

  2. lee says:

    If you’re talking about doing a professional gig, there are a couple options. It’s nice to have the place you’re going carry insurance, especially if you don’t do many gigs. Many times there’s no insurance requirement; a good way to navigate that is to be astoundingly professional when speaking to the fire department; that’s a whole subject on it’s own. Or if you NEED insurance, you might try my friend Ceejae; he is a burner and insurance agent and had a liability policy ready for us to sign. We didn’t end up going for it, but only because the contract changed. It would have been like $1,800/year to cover up to 6 events or some such (your mileage will vary wildly). Try calling him at 415 dash 924 dash 7242. Is that helpful?

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