Malaysia Done, Riyadh Next

I’m in Hong Kong airport after a successful 10 days of picture taking. Malaysia is totally nice; I’ll show you my 50,000 picture scrapbook soon.

I drove every meter of every road in George Town, Cyberjaya, and Melaka. Well, think we missed like 3 blocks total but that was my fault.

Next up: Riyadh from Oct 25-31.


  1. lee says:

    Some memorable moments in Malaysia:

    – Having coffee flavored ice cream or snow ice as they call it at a post Ramadan festival in Cyberjaya. What a great crazy texture it had!
    – Seeing trees inside the beautiful Kuala Lumpur airport
    – Driving for hours to get photos of all the ramps on and off “The toll booth of hell”
    – The hot tub at the Shangri-La (mreow!)
    – Noodle bowl at a rest stop between George Town and K.L. The most local, homey food on the whole trip
    – The insanely gross bathroom at the McDonalds bathroom coming back from Melaka
    – Seeing that virtually every road is lined with manicured plants and trees.
    – Realizing that there was no graffiti
    – Eating the “Unclear on the concept” orderves at the Shangri-la. To explain, they were all beautiful but the flavor combinations were… well…
    – The daily rains keep everything so clean!
    – The beautiful beach on the Bay of Bengal north of Melaka… and not knowing the name of the ocean I was placing my palm in when I was doing it
    – Realizing how nice it is across all of Malaysia! We drove every inch of 3 cities and saw it all. Malaysia is clean, modern, spacious, pleasant, safe, and often downright opulent.

  2. lee says:

    On the 14 hr flight from Hong Kong to SFO I had this weird experience…

    I tried to play a Pac Man clone on the plane. But that’s exactly what I had been doing for the last 10 days, driving every centimeter of every screen! It’s ruined for me!

    And half way through the flight I woke up dizzy and naucious, I had been dreaming of driving a map in tighter and tighter circles. My view was from above, drawing red lines on the blue lines of a map. I had to get up and run to the bathroom to clear my head (and thankfully not my stomach).

    Ever have Tetris dreams? Yeah, me too.

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