My New iPhone sucks

This is exactly what IOS4 did to my 3G iPhone, no exaggeration.

local version:

I called Apple again today to try and resolve this problem. I was on hold for 13 minutes. “Ryan” came on and the call quality immediately went to crap. The call failed after a few seconds. I’ll call back later after my phone rage has subsided.

It is rage because I got this phone because it “just works”. But last week Steve Jobs broke my phone and the best answer I’ve gotten so far is “Well, it was an optional update so we won’t support it.” (yes, exact words). Me along with a million other people got your fucking^W update. I paid to live in a walled garden and now the gardeners are telling me in no unambiguous terms that it is their right to burn down the garden and make me buy another one. The evil Droid phone is starting to look pretty good.


  1. Melissa says:

    I’ve got a Nexus One – ditched my iPhone service plan to save $$, now my 3G is my alarm clock :-)

    In my opinion (and those of a couple others that have used both UI’s), the droid phone UI is trash. Sure it works a lot more reliably than what I’ve been hearing from those that either updated to OS 4 or got the newest iPhone, and it does allow you to get out of the “walled garden” but *everything* takes at least 2 more steps to access or command and it is not intuitive.

  2. lee says:

    Yeah, I had a Droid for a week a while back and found the interface to be kinda like Linux vs Windows… sure, you can do more with *nix and X-Windows but it’s more of a bother to get anything done. I would rather Steve Jobs and Apple admit to the problems and fix them. It’s not hard.

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