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The Incredible San Fancisco Artists’ Soapbox Derby, 1975

(via Jon Sarriugarte)

This movie is an inspiration for art and community. Simply wonderful. I watched it all the way through on Vimeo.

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Under the Second “n” in Confidence

That’s me under the second “n” in “Confidence”. This was taken during last summer’s youth program. I’ll be teaching again this year :-)

The Northskirt: Soft Circuits are Gonna Be Big

An acquaintance from Noisebridge built this and first showed it off at Maker Faire last weekend. It is a fantastic example of the evolution (as in evolved just last week!) of soft circuits. I believe soft circuits are going to be BIG.

Find out more at

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Electronic Controlled Flame Effects

Here are photos from the last night of the Electronic Controlled Flame Effects class I taught at the Crucible this past Thursday night. (by David Nichols, Tim Alexander and Lee Sonko)

Nice class, eh?

And here’s some videos. The last one is the most flame-tastic!

setting up for firing

Cuckoo flaming

Cupcake Poofer

more pressure poofs

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How to Avoid Paypal Fees

If you are sending money to someone via Paypal, you can now avoid paying their 3% + $0.30 fee.

It used to be that you had to receive the money at a “Personal” Paypal account to avoid paying fees. I wrote about this in 2008.

Now it’s easier. When you are sending money to your friend or whoever, just be sure to select that you are sending the money as a “Personal” charge and not a “Purchase”. See the image.

As long as you aren’t funding your account with a credit card, there are no fees :-). That’s right, no fees to send and no fees to receive. This is how Paypal was when it first started.

Aggressive Maneuvers for Autonomous Quadrotor Flight


Maneuvers just like in the movies, only effing real.

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